Aerial Roof Measurements of the roof is very important to work before buying materials for re-roofing. You can save significant money and time by estimating the cost required for roof replacement. You don’t need to be a professional and we will give roof measurements in hours on 3D Modeling. We provide a detailed analysis of your roof layout and all the critical dimensions. Our full-color report provides the detailed lengths, pitch, and areas of every surface plane and edge. Our report saves your time and enables accurate roof estimates for a roof repair or replacement.


Today’s technology makes routinely climbing a ladder and hand measuring the roof for a prospective job an unnecessary drag on your sales process and your business. Switching to remote, aerial image and measurement systems is an easy change that can save any roofing business meaningful time and money and improve the quality of your bids. Aerial imagery offers dramatic and proven suppression of the costs of acquiring work. In turn, roofers can make metal roofs less expensive and spur growth in this industry segment. As a higher end roofing product, it’s also worth meeting customer expectations of working with cutting edge professionals on the significant investment they are making in their home.

3-D model as they walk. Imagine being able to walk across a roof and have an instantaneous model of all the roof penetrations, HVAC units, curbs, and parapet heights. Everything is located exactly without using a tape measure and no drawing is time required! Similarly, advanced vision capability in concert with element recognition technology could make it possible to identify the manufacturer and model or type of windows, siding, shingles, etc. As the sensors scan the walls of the building and assemble the 3-D model, the element-recognition software could compare the size, shape, and texture of a building element against a manufacturers’ database and determine the type or exact model number. Over time, manufacturers could even design in an unobtrusive “marker” that only the software could identify, making it more likely an exact match would be identified.


It’s often said that you can get two of three but not all three. Now, however, with the combination of off-site technologies such as aerial imagery reports and on-site technologies such as advanced vision capabilities, roof consultants, adjusters, and contractors can gather a more complete and accurate assessment of the building in less time at lower cost. And it should only get better from

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